Wadi Rum Full Moon Gathering 

Attend the Gathering

Reservation Information

The maximum group size for the Gathering is 12 people, please be sure to book in advance.

All reservations are final and non-refundable.

To book, please contact us via telephone (+962 (0) 779 810 744) or email: info@friendsofwadirum.org. Indicate the number of guests and the desired date. We'll send an invoice which must be paid via PayPal to confirm your reservation.

Thank you!


Evening Program - 90 USD per person
Overnight Program - 110 USD per person

Children under 12 are free with an accompanying adult.

Dates and Times

The Full Moon Gathering begins at Um Al Bdoun Camp outside of Disi Village at sunset as follows:

27 March, 18:30
25 April, 19:00
25 May, 19:00
19 Sept, 18:00
19 Oct, 17:30
17 Nov, 16:00

16 March, 17:30 
15 April, 18:30
14 May, 19:00
9 Sept, 18:30
8 Oct, 18:00
7 Nov, 16:30

What to Bring

Please note that desert nights can be chilly . Please layer your clothing appropriately. As we will spend part of the evening walking in sand, please choose appropriate footwear.  If you are spending the night with us, we recommend a flashlight.

Directions to the Gathering

From Amman or Aqaba, take the turn-off to Wadi Rum at the village of Rasihiddiyeh. Drive approximately 18 kilometers to the police checkpoint and make a left turn toward the village of Ad Disa. Drive approximately 5 kilometers to Ad Disa and through the village. Take the first right turn at the end of the village and drive to the end of the road. Right before reaching the gated cemetary, take a left turn onto the dirt road that heads off to the left of the cemetary. At the end of the dirt road, park your car in the flat space and you will see Um Al Bdoun Camp up the small hill on your left. Welcome!